Dinaz Stafford

Producer : Little Zizou

To have Rachel Reuben on your side during  post is to have not only an editor but also a whole new perspective to your material and the job at hand. She is articulate, organized and has a visionary sense of what can be done with footage. 

Rachel's magic as an editor brought distinct life and form to our material in every situation. She is a thinking collaborator- alert, intuitive and very skilled.  A sensitive mind and heart devoted to breathe life into film.




Amitabha Singh

Producer : Aagey Se Right

Rachel Reuben joined Adfilm-Valas as a raw apprentice.  Her enthusiasm and dedication to learning on  the job was of a rare level.  With her unique combination of a flawless eye and strong sense of rhythm, she rapidly became a very valuable member of my team.  She filled a position in my company that  is yet to be replaced with the same quality 8 years later!

Kunal Kapoor

Proprietor/Director : Adfilm Valas


Rachel Reuben was a sheer pleasure to work with. In addition to her considerable editing skills, she was a hard working  team player.  A calm and smiling presence under extreme pressure and sleep deprivation.  She also cut a terrific trailer  that we used extensively and that is still doing the rounds years later.

A savvy editor who listens actively and communicates constructively. Rachel’s intuitive grasp of script and her magical manipulation at the edit table  gave her an extraordinary ability to satisfy the requirements of Director, Producer, Agency and Client.

Sooni Taraporevala

Director : Little Zizou


Prabhakar Shetty

Executive Producer : Adfilm Valas

Indrojit Nuttoji

Director : Aagey Se Right

My film spoofs the 'Bollywood' style of filmmaking;  an editor who got that was crucial.  Rachel brought this to the table with panache. Working with Rachel and sharing her dedication to laughter was indeed a gratifying experience.

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